Yacon Syrup: One of the Best Weight Loss Supplements Ever or Just Hype?

Yacon Syrup

LAST UPDATED:  October 15, 2019

Yacon Syrup is known as one of the best weight loss supplements ever! But is all this just hype?

I hear everywhere that Yacon Syrup regulates blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol, makes you lose weight fast and in a healthy way, lower your blood Regina Reilly: Nutritionist/Writer/Coachpressure, may prevent cancer, improves liver functions, boost the digestive and immune system, etc.…

Hundreds of Yacon Syrup lovers swear and claim that with dozens of added health benefits, Yacon Syrup simply takes a very different and highly effective approach to weight loss.

But is all this just hype or does it really work? After my extensive research, here’s what I found out…

Read this entire post cause I’ll tell you all that you need to know about Yacon Syrup so you know if it is worth it to incorporate it into your daily nutrition or weight loss plan…

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It is important to understand that not all Yacon Syrup products are created equal and most of them are pure garbage created to “cash-in” on the huge health craze that is going on right now.

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Otherwise, let’s move on, in the next few minutes I’ll show you all that you need to know about Yacon Syrup…

What Is Yacon Syrup?

The first thing that you should know about Yacon Syrup is that it is an all-natural product, it’s just basically syrup extracted from the straight from the Yacon.

It is derived from the Yacon root, which is something like a Yacon Syrup Reviewsweet potato or yam.

This extract comes in a syrup form, which means that you can use it on your foods, in your tea or coffee, or simply spoon it directly into your mouth.

The fact that this syrup is really a big deal for a lot of people, particularly those who are already taking a lot of pills, or those who find it difficult to swallow typical diet pills.

How Does This Syrup Work?

Most diet products tend to work in one of several different ways to help you lose weight. One of the major differences with Yacon Syrup is that it combines several features of a typical diet pill, making any attempt at losing weight a lot more successful.

By acting as an appetite suppressant, a metabolic booster, and a fat burner, Yacon does what might take three different and highly effective diet pills to do.

Yacon Syrup ReviewsThe primary use of Yacon Syrup is as a dietary aid to help suppress your appetite. What this means is that you will be less likely during the day when you might otherwise feel like a snack.

You will also be able to get by with eating smaller portions, which is obviously an important factor when you are trying to lose weight.

Yacon Syrup also contains what is known as Vital Probiotic Fiber (FOS), which is known for promoting “skinny bacteria” within the body.

In other words, this is a “fat burner”, but one that does not come with any negative side effects.

In order to get the best results, you should take one teaspoon of Yacon Syrup before each meal, either on its own or as part of a beverage.

You can choose to use it on cereal or bread, in which case it is a viable natural sweetener that can actually help you to lose weight.

What Do Actual Users Say?

yacon syrup appetite suppressantWhen you begin to read some of the online Yacon Syrup reviews, one thing that you will see is that a lot of folks choose this product simply because it is a syrup and not a pill.

By consuming a natural and safe syrup, it is easier for many people and comes with fewer side effects than some diet pills.

I wanted to lose weight naturally and so Yacon Syrup seemed like the right thing for me to try. I have seen results from the very first week.”
– Cassie, OH (testimony from company website)

I have always had a lot of problems taking pills so I jumped at the chance to try Yacon Syrup.”
– Jen, AZ (testimony from company website)

After reading the reviews, I knew that this was for me. I like that it improves digestion while also increasing my metabolism.”
– Patrick, MI (testimony from company website)

In addition to this being a powerful weight loss tool, Yacon Syrup also has other benefits that can be useful for people who have digestive issues or problems with immune function.

Is There a Downside to Yacon Syrup?

If there is a downside to the use of Yacon Syrup, it would be that it does contain approximately 20 calories per spoonful.

However, the benefits of this product far outweigh these few calories and so they should not impact you negatively at all.

Is This the Best Type of Supplement for You?

yaconWhether you are looking to lose just a few pounds or you need to get rid of a lot of extra body fat, you might find that pure Yacon Syrup is the way to go…

Not only can this unique product help promote weight loss naturally, but it also provides a number of other benefits, including increasing metabolism, adding antioxidants to your diet, and boosting immune function.

All in all, Yacon Syrup seems to live up to very positive reviews. While it is not a magic supplement it has proven to be extremely effective in all aspects regarding weight loss and overall health.

Where To Buy Yacon Syrup?

Where To Buy Yacon SyrupIt can be difficult to find pure Yacon Syrup in stores, and when you do, it can be very expensive.

For those reasons, buying Yacon Syrup online is your best bet since it also comes with a money-back guarantee…

You will also be assured of getting the highest quality Yacon Syrup, made from 100% organic ingredients.

But just make sure that you buy Yacon from a reliable online supplier, something is getting harder and harder these days…

Fortunately, there are companies like MarketHealth Inc. which has been in business for the last 15 years offering a high variety of High-Quality natural products online…

These folks are the official manufacturer of the popular “Yacon Molasses” which is the leading product in the market, so ordering from the original manufacturer gets you the assurance that you are getting a high-quality product at the best available price.

Buy Yacon Syrup


Yacon Molasses Overview

There is almost always a new product for weight loss that enters the market and makes quite an impact. This time, Yacon Syrup has hit the market. Dr. OZ featured this product on his show in the last month. As a result, it has been the topic that people from all walks of life have been talking about due to the properties that are supposed to help people lose weight.

Where Does It Come From?

South America contains some sort of natural root that is referred to as Yacon. As a matter of fact, one can find this root everywhere in South America. The Andean diet has included this root for generations. Dr. Oz has featured this substance in the first part of his weight loss stories. People that participated in this study have received the pure form of Yacon Syrup for 28 days when you know where to buy yacon syrup. Their weight loss was monitored.

60 Participants have taken Pure Yacon Syrup 3 times daily during the 28 days Yacon Syrup review study. This was added to their regular meals. The participants were advised to eat as they normally would.

40 of the 60 participants have completed their Yacon Syrup reviews. The tests brought forth positive if not alarming results. There was no one that expected such results from Yacon Syrup.

More than 70% of the participants have lost weight and recommended Yacon Syrup for weight loss. 14 women have experienced weight loss at 5 pounds. The grand total of weight loss from women who have participated in this study is more than 150 pounds.

The impressive results have taken many people by surprise. The real promise was presented by Pure Yacon Syrup as it relates to quick and effective weight loss according to this effective yet short trial for weight loss.

Yacon Syrup Benefits

What Makes Yacon Syrup Work?

To keep things simple, Yacon Syrup carries a lot of probiotics which encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in your stomach. According to studies, a healthy stomach brings forth a better immune system as well as better blood sugar management as well as keeping your weight under control.

How Is It Used?

Certain tests and studies have shown that people who have had the best results from Yacon Syrup have used this product for more than 3 months. Continued reading would reveal Yacon Syrup Plus as the recommended company that supplies the product as you will see in many yacon syrup reviews from around the web.

To make it more effective it can also be used in combination with a nutrition and exercise program like The Venus Factor, The Red Tea Detox or The Flat Belly Fix. This way you will lose weight and burn fat more faster and efficiently.

Side Effects, Dosage, and How to Use it

There are side effects that could occur with Yacon Syrup if too much is consumed at one time. These side effects are a little like what one would get from consuming more soluble fiber than usual yacon syrup review.

An excess amount of Yacon Syrup can cause a lot of production in gas when it reaches the intestine. The possible results can be flatulence, nausea, digestive discomfort and diarrhea. This is a reason to start small. Then as you go along, add more.

Diarrhea problems are a sign to avoid Yacon Syrup. Things could get worse.

10 grams of fructooligosaccharides daily is the dosage for the study. As a result, the amount is up to 25 grams of Yacon syrup which is up to 5 teaspoons on a daily basis.

Timing is also something that could factor into this. If you take it at least 30 minutes before a meal, you could effectively reduce your appetite.

If you are interested in giving it a try, then you should use pure Yacon Syrup. Nothing should be added to it. You could find a good selection of this at Amazon. There are also plenty of reviews that could give you plenty of reviews.

You could also try other supplements that have fructooligosaccharides. They cost less than Yacon syrup in most cases. It is not known whether or not the supplements will have comparable effects.

Is Yacon Available Everywhere?

Do you know where to buy yacon syrup? The best place to buy Yacon Syrup is on the Official Yacon Molasses website as they are the original manufactures as well.

You will not only find the best supplement but also the best price and bonuses along the way.

Dozens of suppliers were visited in efforts to locate the Yacon Syrup that is the most effective as well as natural. It took a lot of trial and error to find Pure Yacon Syrup as the most effective product.

Is It Proven To Work?

A tasty syrup that is helpful for weight loss in ways that rival extreme diets do seem too good for reality. In most cases, if it seems to be too good to be true, then it most likely is too good to be true.

Putting that into consideration, one study does yield promising results. While Yacon syrup has yet to be scientifically proven, those that are curious can give it a try.

It could be really effective for weight loss in the short-term. At the same time, it is not good to place all your hopes on this syrup.


User Opinion: Yacon Syrup Reviews

The Yacon plant, also called Smallanthus sonchifolius, grows natively in the Andes mountains in South America. This plant has been eaten and used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years in South America. People there believed it to have powerful medicinal properties, leading to improvements in diabetes and helping with kidney and digestive disorders.

What Exactly is Yacon?

Yacon looks similar to barley malt or brown rice syrup, but yacon tastes more like molasses and has a thick consistency. Due to its consistency yacon syrup pairs well with peanut butter or any type of nut butter and finds out where to buy yacon syrup. It also compliments granola well. For anyone on a restricted diet, it is recommended you use spelled (bread) topped with a teaspoon of yacon syrup. In comparison, agave syrup comes in two varieties light brown and dark amber.

In many different yacon syrup reviews, the light brown agave is similar in color to honey but has a lighter taste than honey and is recommended if you don’t prefer the aftertaste of honey. The dark brown agave is thicker and was heated longer in the extraction process but pairs well in dark desserts like fruit cake or brownies this particular agave has more molasses-like flavor and really resembles yacon syrup taste also. However, for drinks such as teas or coffee, the light agave syrup will compliment any drink.

To see how effective the weight loss syrup was, they were asked not to change their diet or workout schedule a good yacon syrup review online. To those who followed the prescription, the results were positive showing that 29 of them lost some weight with 14 of them reporting a loss of about five pounds or more. After the test, even more, people used the syrup to verify its effectiveness and they have nothing to regret at all.

The extreme popularity of this product has led to many companies trying to cash in on Yacon Syrup. Total-Reviews.com has warned consumers to exercise caution when purchasing Yacon Syrup and only use a verified supplier.

How Does This product work As A Weight Loss Aid?

This syrup works by reducing your interest in food or loss of appetite. In taking it, you can achieve the feeling of fullness quickly. This weight loss supplement is known without any harmful reaction, so more and more dieters are using it to lose weight.

Yacon Molasses is made from yacon – also known as Smallanthus sonchifolius or the Peruvian Ground Apple – a sweet-tasting root plant primarily grown in the northern and central Andes Mountains of South America. For hundreds of years, local tribes have used yacon as a natural sweetener and as a food source. However, in recent times thanks to the attention shined on this plant by numerous doctors and celebrities, it has made its way across the globe, assisting individuals with controlling their eating habits, reducing their blood sugars and with losing weight.

Yacon syrup, which is said to taste like raisins, is actually nothing new – it’s been around since Aztec times and people in Brazil and Peru have long touted it as a good low-sugar food that can help with diabetes, digestive problems and even kidney disorders.

Active Ingredients

Yacon is a South American plant that grows high in the Andes mountains of South America. Syrup extracted from the root of the yacon looks like molasses and tastes a bit like sweet maple syrup.

The working of the Yacon syrup is actually pretty straightforward. The various different nutrients that are present in the Yacon root are the key to weight loss. FOS, fibers, and antioxidants prove to be the most important components of the Yacon syrup.

Does It Really Work?

This product is primarily used as a natural sweetener and is extracted from the Yacon plant. The tuberous roots are where the syrup is actually found, and they are indigenous in Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. Yacon is considered one of the most preferred natural sweetener because it contains about 50% FOS or Fructooligosaccharides, which do not in any way increase blood glucose levels (a fact that diabetics should be aware of).

This South American root extract, which has been a major part of the people of the Andes diet for hundreds, if not thousands of years, is cultivated as a thick, molasses-like substance, high in fiber and a healthy prebiotic known as FOS (fructooligosaccharides).

Positive And Negative Side Effects

Yacon syrup can be one of the easy ways for you to lose weight in many yacon syrup reviews. And most of the advertisements of the syrup claim that they are the best way of melting your fats and cellulitis. With this, you do not need to go regularly in the gym and do some strenuous exercises.

Many potential buyers wary of past diet scams are taking a close look at yacon syrup to see if the results meet the hype. Yacon is a South American root that has been part of the traditional Andes diet for years. Juices from the root are extracted and filtered to create a syrup with a dark color and consistency, similar to molasses.

Yacon is a name used to refer to the plant Smallanthus sonchifolius, which is a tuber vegetable yacon syrup review and a common food product in South America. It looks like sweet potato and tastes like a pear. While the tuber itself is used in cooking, a syrup derived from the tuber (called yacon syrup) is used as an alternative sweetener.

Buy Yacon Syrup Safe And Cheap

What to know where to buy yacon syrup? The beauty of yacon syrup, as is the beauty of sacha inchi (now available in oil for dressings) and coconut oil, is that they are 100% natural derivatives of raw products. Yacon is a tuber vegetable used in cooking and medicines across South America, and the syrup is obtained by distilling and evaporating the juice.

The study Dr. Oz refers to is a paper published in the journal Clinical Nutrition that reports that Yacon syrup may prove to be a surprising weight-loss tool based on their results from a study that followed obese women who took 3-4 teaspoons a day of Yacon syrup over a 4-month period and lost an average of 33 pounds and 4 inches each from their waistlines.

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