Yacon Molasses Boost Metabolism


In addition, a slow metabolism will automatically result in a fast release of the glucose in the bloodstream, which will predispose you to fat storage on the walls of arteries and other blood vessels, high cholesterol levels, etc.

For people considering yacon syrup for weight loss, Drayer offered this advice: “What we don’t know from the studies is whether is yacon directly causes weight loss or if it’s the placebo effect.

Are there any contraindications?

Like other natural products such as coconut oil, there are no interactions between yacon syrup existing medications that have been documented I’ll talk about this in this Yacon Syrup review. The only problem I could foresee is if you consume too much and experience a laxative effect, it could lessen the effect of any medications you are taking. As with any supplement, natural or not, please ALWAYS stick to the recommended dosages.

Taking the study a step further, Dr. Oz consulted with a number of other physicians and experts on diet and nutrition for their opinions about whether or not Yacon syrup promotes weight loss.

What they had to say was possibly the most beneficial piece of information for viewers of The Dr. Oz Show that has never been addressed before?but should be: that many studies or claims of studies supporting a miracle pill or supplement for weight loss are not truly supported by rigorous scientific testing that proves or disproves purported benefits toward weight loss.

In a web page on The Dr. Oz Show website that consists of expert responses to the Yacon study discussed on The Dr. Oz Show, there was a consistent expression of opinion that studies that report weight loss benefits from Yacon fruit are not rigorously supported by clear data? that there are only a few studies published, that there is a lack of statistical significance, nor have the studies’ design been thoroughly weighted against confounding factors such as a placebo effect.

In other words, the promise of Yacon as a natural fruit that can promote weight loss is too scientifically flimsy for these experts to wholeheartedly reach a consensus that this is something the public should go to the stores and buy today.

The person who is using yacon products for losing weight can reduce the blood sugar easily. Any person can use this product without any age limitations and they are available for very low cost. One who is purchasing the weight loss medication should know about the ingredients and its benefits. The main ingredient used in this syrup is extracted from the root of a plant.

The yacon syrup reviews available on the websites of the retailers and manufacturers will provide an overview of the ingredient and its benefits. The buyers can use those websites to order their yacon product. The retailer will deliver the yacon products in the customer’s home.

The customers of the retailer would be taught with the benefits of using the syrup for losing weight. They do not harm the human body like other weight loss ingredients and they do not have any proven side effects.

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